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Social Energy

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Novus Energy Services can help you reduce your electricity bills by an average of 70% with Solar, Battery Storage, and Social Energy*

Investing in solar panels and battery storage is a brilliant step forwards, both for your energy bills and environmental impact. It makes perfect sense to choose an energy supplier that helps you to save more with your new system. Our community of 100% solar and battery energy customers certainly think so!


What is Social Energy?

Social Energy allows you to utilise your solar energy.  Social Energy builds on the concept of grid-sharing which is a term that is being used more often when talking about battery storage. Grid-sharing is the idea of batteries with shared software sending energy between each other.

Why you should make the change to Social Energy?

Quite simply, social energy helps you to get the most out of your solar with their market-leading green tariffs.

Not only does Social Energy have a great all green energy plan at a low price and an app built to help you maximise your solar savings, social energy also offer the UK’s leading solar energy tariff.

Paying you 4X more than the average energy suppliers for the solar energy that you don’t use or store in your battery (and yes, if you already have the original feed-in-tariff you can keep it and get paid extra with Social Energy).**

Start your change today!

Much like your new solar battery system, it is only right that your new energy-saving plan is built to last for years to come. That is what our Better Together energy plan is all about – great savings together for the long term.

We do not have introductory offers or expect you to switch your energy tariff every year, just to get the best deal.

We offer one tariff to every customer, new and old, so that you are always getting paid the best price for your solar. If you want big savings for the long term, you need Social Energy.

Why thousands have already made the change

  • Get paid an average of £240 per year
  • Free app with your solar, battery and energy plan all in one place
  • Compatible with all new and existing solar installations

Our Tarriff

* This assumes the customer currently has no solar PV or battery system, and the previous tariff of 16.4 p/kWh, changing to 13.99p/kWh on Social Energy’s tariff. Savings are based upon reduced electricity tariff, storing on-site generated electricity, and using for self-consumption, and Social Energy’s unique savings.

** Based on Social Energy’s fully optimised export rate, of 20p/kWh, against the average export rate published on Solar Trade Association’s SEG table as of 10th November 2020.

Customers with the original feed-in-tariff can elect to remain on this option and will be able to earn additional benefits from the battery system, paid at 14p / kWh for the first 1,000 kWh exported in a calendar year.

Based on a customer exporting 1,677 kWh per year being paid Social Energy’s fully optimised export tariff of 20p/kWh for the first 1,000kWh and subsequently 6p/kWh for the remaining 677kWh. Export kWh based on information calculated by the SE Hub.