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Marinn Secondary Glazing

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Marinn Secondary Glazing is a unique, almost invisible, easily installed secondary glazing. Give warmth to your home with Marinn Thermal Panes. Secondary glazing can provide a cost-effective and efficient way of improving the heat retention, sound reduction and security of your windows.

seamless design

  • Bespoke, clearer than glass secondary glazing
  • Does not impede or obstruct existing windows
  • Minimal visual impact
  • Discreet so you won’t know it’s there
  • Revitalises the look of old panes
Efficiency of secondary glazing

Energy Efficient

  • Marinn Thermal Panes. Secondary glazing cuts window heat loss and emissions by up to 50%
  • Improves Energy Performance Certificate Ratings (EPCs)
  • Cuts heating bills and improves comfort
  • Saves 9 tonnes of CO2 per pane over 15 years
  • Sustainable and environmentally friendly

Fast and Disruption-Free Installation

  • Super-fast installation by our professional team
  • DIY installation also possible
  • Zero damage to existing windows
  • Great for historic and listed buildings
  • Safe, lightweight, and reusable

Further Benefits

  • Invented and manufactured in Scotland
  • Noise reducing
  • Drastically reduced condensation
  • Free estimates
  • Professional measurement or DIY
  • Additional draught-proofing measures are available

Marinn Secondary glazing increases the thermal efficiency of your current windows, eliminating cold spots and draughts and helping to retain heat.  Secondary glazing is becoming increasingly popular amongst homeowners in place of costly triple glazing.

Marinn Secondary glazing is soaring in popularity because of the many advantages it provides a high level of Energy efficiency improving the warmth of your home all year round,  retaining the heat in your home for home longer, and minimising heat loss by as much as 50%.

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