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Battery Storage

Energy Services

Novus Energy Services can offer various battery storage systems for both domestic and commercial purposes throughout Aberdeenshire and North Scotland

Solar power that is generated can now be stored for later use. Energy storage systems make the most of the electricity that your solar PV generates. They are very useful for allowing you to store the clean energy that you generate for use later, perhaps when the panels are not generating any additional power.

A battery storage system can help to further reduce your fuel bills and carbon footprint through the reduction of emissions. Fuel bills savings will vary depending on the type and size of a battery storage system

The one advantage of a battery storage system is that it can be installed into an existing PV array, it doesn’t have to be a new Solar PV installation.

We carry a range of standard domestic storage batteries and can accommodate various capacity systems, ranging from 2.4kWh to 23.2kWh

We can supply and install battery storage systems from Solax, GivEnergy, Pylontech, LG Chem, Hiawei and Enphase.

Battery Storage - GivEnergy
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