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About Novus UK Group


When it comes to reviewing your energy usage and needs it really is very simple – you need a company you can trust!

You want a company that will listen to your needs, evaluate what is required, then deliver professional, cost-effective and transparent solutions – that’s where Novus UK Group can be relied upon.

Due to the diverse nature of our business, we can offer advice on renewable energy, electrical & safety testing, contracting, and house building for both domestic & commercial markets.

We specialise in renewable and sustainable solutions (encompassing solar and air sources) to meet your current and future needs.

We will work with you to ensure that any option meets with Government regulations to secure any incentives being offered.

We provide clients with an exceptional all-around, bespoke service. We can assure high standards throughout the whole work process – from initial consultation to installation and safety servicing.

With the support of our expert team of staff, and our substantial knowledge of renewable energy, electrical and the building industry we are uniquely positioned to operate within these ever-changing markets.

With a dedicated and highly qualified workforce and a focus on excellence, we are totally committed to your project.

Whatever your requirements and wherever you are based, we will deliver a professional solution.

If you want big savings for the long term, you need Social Energy, contact us today at Novus Energy

Our Tarriff

* This assumes the customer currently has no solar PV or battery system, and the previous tariff of 16.4 p/kWh, changing to 13.99p/kWh on Social Energy’s tariff. Savings are based upon reduced electricity tariff, storing on-site generated electricity, and using for self-consumption, and Social Energy’s unique savings.

** Based on Social Energy’s fully optimised export rate, of 20p/kWh, against the average export rate published on Solar Trade Association’s SEG table as of 10th November 2020.

Customers with the original feed-in-tariff can elect to remain on this option and will be able to earn additional benefits from the battery system, paid at 14p / kWh for the first 1,000 kWh exported in a calendar year.

Based on a customer exporting 1,677 kWh per year being paid Social Energy’s fully optimised export tariff of 20p/kWh for the first 1,000kWh and subsequently 6p/kWh for the remaining 677kWh. Export kWh based on information calculated by the SE Hub.